Holedall 15 ton ram

Holedall® 15 Ton Ram

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276 lb
Optional Package/Box Quantity



Rams, are powerful finely engineered machines designed specifically to internally expand Holedall couplings by hydraulic pressure.

Available Options

Optional stand available, contact Dixon for pricing and availability.

Safety Notes

All Rams require dies of the proper size to reduce the ferrule to the proper diameter for a good grip on the hose. Pushers of the proper size must be used on the end of the Ram to push the Holedall fittings through the die. Die and pusher selection depends on the sizes and types of hoses being coupled. Ferrule recommendations and a Die Chart binder are available upon request. Consult your Dixon representative for specific details.


  • Produces up to 10,000 PSI, for up to 15 tons of ram force
  • 1/2 h.p. motor, 115 volt 60 cycle, single phase with foot pedal
  • Bench mounted model


  • Specifically designed ram for internally expanded couplings only.
  • Capable of expanding 1" through 3" steel fittings and 5/8" through 4" brass Holedall Petroleum fittings.
  • One person can easily operate


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