Pipe Size Schedule 5S and 10S Bolted Clamp

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1.22 lb
Mandatory Package/Box Quantity
304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Size
Pressure Rating
500 PSI at 70°F



  • Bronze nuts tightened to 20 ft. lb. of torque
  • Please note in sizes 1/2" through 12" pipe is known by its nominal inside diameter, which differs from its actual inside diameter. To distinguish pipe sizes from actual measured diameters as used for tube, the terms iron pipe size (IPS) or nominal pipe size (NPS) are usually used. For all pipe sizes, the outside diameter (OD) remains constant; the variations in wall thickness affect the inside diameter (ID).
  • Ships as 13MHP200

Safety Notes

  • Service pressure ratings are based on the following parameters: matching elastomer gaskets and weld ferrules properly aligned and assembled with the clamps tightened to required torques. Tests are done hydostatically with no water hammer or shock loads.
  • All ratings shown are dependent upon related components within the system and proper installation.
  • Pipe size and Tube OD size materials are not interchangeable.


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