• Manufactured especially for hard-to-hold liquids and gases
  • Use with copper, brass, aluminum and welded steel hydraulic tubing that can be flared


  • Listed with Underwriter's Laboratories for flammable liquid, marine, refrigeration and gas applications. Meets functional requirements of SAE J512 and J513, ASA and MS (Military Standards).
  • Reference SAE 010203


  • Economical fitting resists mechanical pullout
  • Easy to disassemble and may be reassembled repeatedly, for a leak-proof connection


  • Manufactured from CA 360, CA 345 or CA377 brass


  • Cut tubing squarely and clean tube end thoroughly to remove burrs.
  • Place nut onto tube. Place threaded end of nut toward end of tube.
  • Flare tube end with flaring tool to provide 45° flare.
  • Clamp tube flare between nut and nose of fitting body by screwing nut on finger-tight. Tighten with a wrench an additional 1/4 turn for metal-to-metal seal.


  • Flare tools are available, please contact Dixon for pricing and availability.

Safety notes

  • The PSI rating given is based on a temperature of 73°F (23°C) using copper tubing.
  • Temperature and type of tubing used are important factors in working pressure ranges.