Swivel Joint Style 60 150# ASA Flange x 150# ASA Flange

Swivel Joint Style 60 150# ASA Flange x 150# ASA Flange

Part Number 460FGXFGCS00100
Style V-Ring
Material Carbon Steel
Pressure Seal Buna-N
Dust Seal Buna-N
Retainer Aluminum
Grease Standard
Ball Bearings Carbon Steel
Size 4"
Weight Lb 106.0000


  • Used wherever a leak-proof swivel connection is needed in pipelines or in combination with hoses to eliminate hose twisting
  • Industries range from petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, paint, farm irrigation and fertilizing, wastewater treatment plants and food and beverage process equipment. Dixon™'s swivel joints are found in blending plants, drum filling applications, fluid and dry bulk transfer, vacuum trucks, oil and gas trucks and water trucks. Larger swivels can be found in the steel industry, marine bulk transfer and many more.


  • Spring loaded triple V-ring sealing system ensures a leakproof seal at either high or low pressure and extends seal life
  • Full 360° rotational movement
  • Wide spacing between dual ball bearing raceways ensures greater load bearing capacity
  • Precision-machined design ensures alignment and years of trouble-free service
  • Hydrostatic testing is performed on all swivels before shipment
  • O-ring dust seal protects the ball races and seals chamber from outside elements


  • The 3"- 8" carbon steel swivels are manufactured from carbon steel with laser hardened dual raceways for greater load bearing capacity and longer life.

Available Options

  • End configurations: female NPT, #150 flange, TTMA flange, grooved, weld end and many other variations
  • Seal options: Buna, FKM, PTFE, EPDM, FDA Buna, FFKM
  • Ball bearing materials: carbon steel, 440 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel
  • Grease materials: Lithium, FDA approved/food grade and silicone
  • Swivels that include oxygen, steam or submerged service can be specifically designed for unique applications (special order)
  • 100% full penetration welding available


  • Custom swivel options available, contact Dixon™ for information. Our factory sales and engineering staff will be happy to help you evaluate your swivel application and determine the proper swivel joint needed. Please call 800.355.1991.
  • Re-build kits available

Safety notes

  • The Swivel should be packed such that the surfaces coming in contact with the fluid being handled are compatible with that fluid. In case of the use of the swivel in submerged service, this would include the dust seals and ball bearings. We always recommend the use of the stainless steel ball bearings when building a swivel for submerged service, since should the standard carbon steel ball bearings rust together, they make it possible to dissemble the swivel and may affect operation.
  • Lubrication should be performed periodically, depending on service and operating conditions. Twice yearly is normally sufficient.



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