TTMA Flanged Short Sight Flow Indicator

TTMA Flanged Short Sight Flow Indicator

Part Number 5200-SFI
Material Aluminum
Seal Baylast™
Flange Size 4" TTMA
ID 4-3/8"
Width 1-3/4"
Pressure Rating 150 PSI
Fuel Compatability Gasoline and diesel, up to E100 and B100 biofuels
Weight Lb 1.6500


  • Allows for visual identification of fuel grade prior to opening the valve
  • Works with tank truck flanged butterfly valves found on gasoline trucks


  • Durable cast aluminum housing
  • Acrylic sight glass
  • Baylast™ O-ring and retainer ring
  • Low cost sight glass tube can be easily replaced

Safety notes

  • Due to the proprietary blending of petroleum products, Dixon recommends that the thermoplastic tubing and the gaskets be immersion tested in the product to be handled to ensure compatibility
  • Not compatible with crude oil.
  • Maximum flange bolt torque is 200 in-lb (inch pounds)

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
5200-SFI-3-RK1 sight glass for 5200-SFI-3
5200-SFI-RK1 sight glass for 5200-SFI
5200-SFIV-RK1 sight glass for 5200-SFIV
5200-SFI-3V-RK1 sight glass for 5200-SFI-3V
5201-SFI-3-RK1 sight glass for 5201-SFI-3
5201-SFI-RK1 sight glass for 5201-SFI

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