Wilkerson FRL's R03 Miniature Regulator

Wilkerson FRL's R03 Miniature Regulator

Part Number R03-02R
Includes Without Gauge
Port 1/4"
Maximum Operating Pressure 300 PSIG (20.7 Bar)
Temperature Range 32°F to 125°F (0°C to 52°C)
Flow 15 SCFM
Weight Lb 0.4100


  • 2-125 PSI adjusting range
  • Balanced valve design
  • Self-relieving standard
  • Non-rising push/pull locking adjustment knob
  • Two 1/8" NPT gauge ports standard, can be used for additional outlet


  • Use a GC620 gauge (not supplied)

Safety notes

  • FRL's are designed for air service only, unless otherwise indicated.
  • SCFM ratings at 150 PSIG inlet pressure

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
P01173 Replacement Regulating spring 2-125psi
P01531 Panel Mount Nut, Metal
P78652 Panel Mount Nut, Plastic
PS417B mounting bracket kit (includes panel mount nut)
PS426P Poppet/Piston kits-unbalanced, relieving

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