Split Flange Swivel Style 50 Weld End

Split Flange Swivel Style 50 Weld End

Part Number SF250WXWCS00
Material Carbon Steel
Seal Baylast™
Size 2"
Pressure Rating 600 PSI
Temperature Range -35°F to 212°F (-37°C to 100°C)


  • For use in industries from petroleum, blending plants, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, paint plants, farm irrigation and fertilizing, wastewater treatment, food and beverage process equipment, marine and many more


  • Bearing pack design allows easy seal change without removing the ball bearings.
  • Simple maintenance: remove one nose piece, replace seal pack, and reinstall with little down-time.
  • Instream seal separates the wetted area from the ball bearings allowing for longer bearing pack life over conventional swivels.
  • Wide set bearing race for higher moment loads
  • Compact design for low profile applications


  • Bearing pack: through hardened forged high carbon alloy
  • Material contact surfaces: stainless steel or carbon steel nose pieces

Available Options

  • All styles
  • Stock end configurations: 150 Ib. and 300 Ib. flanges, FNPT, butt weld, others per request
  • Stock seals: Baylast™, FKM, PTFE, others per request
  • Full penetration weld


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